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TWA. Time-Weighted Average; the concentration of a material to which a person is exposed, averaged over the total exposure time-generally the total workday ; also see TLV. A relative property of a chemical agent that refers to a harmful effect on some biological mechanism and the conditions under which this effect occurs. Any substance that can cause injury or illness, or which is suspected of being able to cause injury or illness under some conditions. TLV-Skin – The skin designation refers to the potential contribution to the overall exposure by the cutaneous route, including mucous membranes and the eye. Exposure can be either by airborne or direct contact with the substance.

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These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The “immediately dangerous to life or health air concentration values ” are used by NIOSH as respirator selection criteria. They were first developed in the mid-1970s, and reviewed and revised in 1994. CD-ROMs containing the complete text of more than 80,000 MSDSs on chemical products contributed by over 600 manufacturers and suppliers.

This designation indicates that appropriate measures should be taken to prevent skin absorption. A substance that can cause malformations or alterations in the appearance or function of a developing embryo.

Update and post the required information on the communication board in a timely manner. They tended to have higher turnover for both employees and management. Their recordable rate is just about one-third of the average for their industry.

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